Zlagboard Pro



Europe’s Most Popular Hangboard….Now Available in North America!

The Zlagboard is the world’s most advanced training-for-climbing platform. Zlagboard’s patented (and award-winning) design marries smartphone App technology to a classic wooden fingerboard design via a weight-triggered mechanism that precisely tracks the duration of your every hang (and rest), pull-up, and lock-off interval. The Zlagboard is the first device that allows you to follow a structured training program in an uncomplicated way. No more hand-written schedules, spreadsheets, stop watches, or starting and stopping smartphone timing Apps with chalked hands–Zlagboard does it all for you!

There are more than a dozen training programs–Basic, Medium, Advanced, and Elite–designed by some of the world’s top climbing coaches, including Gimme Kraft authors, Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb (Patrick & Dicki train many of the world’s strongest young climbers including Alex Megos, Shauna Coxsey, Sachi Amma, and Sasha DiGiulian). The Zlagboard App will guide you through professionally designed programs for developing finger strength and endurance, pull-up strength, lock-off strength and more! The Zlagboard App will save your workout details, displays statistics, and guide you through a progressive program week over week.


Numerous research studies have shown a strong correlation between finger strength/endurance and climbing ability, and Zlagboard contest results clearly confirm these findings. The graphic below shows Zlagboard hangtime results for 864 male climbers–the longest hangs were by three  5.15a/b climbers! It’s interesting to see how much better the finger strength of these top climbers is compared to the mass of climbers. Most likely, if we would have done any other physical test of the strength for the arms, shoulders, core, legs or cardiovascular conditioning, these three top athletes would not have been so superior. The bottom line: strong fingers matter!



Zlagboard’s precision-milled holds are ergonomic and comfortable to train on. The twelve different grips include three crimp sizes (10mm, 20mm, and 30mm), 1-, 2-, and 3-finger pockets of various depths, 35-degree slopers, and a pair of pull-up jugs. The 20mm edges (a bit less than one finger pad in depth) are the “contest” holds. Zlagboard hang-time contests have become legendary across Europe. The current World Record is 2 minutes and 44 seconds by Spanish rock star Ramon Julian Puigblanque’s. How long can you hang?!



With your Zlagboard Pro purchase you’ll get unlock codes for the Zlagboard App and its four basic workouts (Basic, Medium, Advanced, Pro). This powerful training App includes a feature that allows you to create your own App-guided training program–simply input your exercise choices, hang duration or pull-up reps, rest intervals, etc., and you’ve built your own personal program! Additional professionally designed workouts, by Patrick Matros, Dicki Korb, and Athlete By Choice, are available by download for $4.99. More plans are coming soon, both from top American and European coaches.