Over the past two years, the Zlagboard training system–and contest–has swept across Europe…having been adopted by many top coaches and countless climbers, spanning the beginner to elite ranks. Now, the Zlagboard revolution has arrived in America! We invite you to become the first climber in your area to employ this powerful training platform and the professionally designed programs available via the Zlagboard App.

“Zlag!” (pronounced “Zlak”) is a joyous exclamation born from the energetic Innsbruck bouldering community. Upon topping a boulder or sending a sport route, it’s not uncommon to hear an Austrian climber yell “zlag!” Naturally, then, the innovative Zlagboard training system will help you zlag harder boulders and routes!

While climbing is, first and foremost, a mental and technical skill sport, long-term improvement–and pursuing your genetic potential–demands getting stronger in a number of climbing specific ways. Numerous research studies have confirmed that elite climbers, compared with non-elites, have higher grip-strength-to-mass ratio, greater forearm endurance, and a higher rate of force development in the finger flexors. Not surprisingly, then, the fingerboard has become the single most important piece of training equipment a climber can own. While actual climbing must always comprise the backbone of an effective training program (skill first!), the act of climbing is not the most effective way to develop grip strength.

Enter hangboard training. Two or three well-designed fingerboard training sessions per week will be hugely beneficial for the average climber.  The Zlagboard smartphone App offers more than a dozen different professionally designed programs (developed by the pro coaches that train rock stars such as Adam Ondra and Alex Megos). Gone of the days of not knowing how to best structure and execute an effective hangboard training program!

While there are a few excellent hangboards on the market (I own several, so that I can occasionally mix up my training), none offers the unique, patented smartphone integration of the Zlagboard…nor do any offer the scalable and progressive App training programs designed by top European coaches like Patxi, Dicki, and Patrick.

Alex Megos
Alex Megos

What started out as a fun way to compare grip strength-endurance among friends has turned into a legendary contest across Europe. The game is simple: How long can you hang on the 20mm Zlagboard “contest holds”? While not recommended as a primary method of training, doing a timed hang to failure is a valuable tool as…a metric of strength-endurance,  a method of biofeedback regarding your current state of recovery (how “fresh” you are on a given day), and a gauge of the effectiveness of your training program. Furthermore, this metric  allows you to see how you rank compared to the official Zlagboard competition database. In 2014, young German phenom, Alex Megos, hung on for 2 minutes and 12 seconds!

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As you shall soon experience, Zlagboard is no ordinary hangboard. Engineered and built with the precision, power, and innovation of a sports car…this Italian designed and manufactured handboard is a real beauty. Zlagboard has no peer when it comes to functionality, App-guided professional training programs, and building grip strength that will take you to the next grade!

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