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Training For Climbing (3rd edition)


This 3rd edition of the internationally best-selling Training for Climbing was released in July 2016 and the first printing sold out in just 11 weeks! This new edition details the latest research and training techniques as used by top climbers and coaches that are “in the know”. This is a must-read text for every serious climber. Second printing now in stock!

Product Description

Drawing on the latest climbing research, the third edition of the internationally best-selling Training for Climbing presents a comprehensive, evidence-based program for improving climbing performance. With the unique perspective of a veteran climber, researcher, and coach, Eric Hörst blends leading-edge sport science with his decades of climbing and coaching experience to create a content-rich text packed with practical how-to and what-to-do information. This encyclopedia of all things performance presents the most up-to-date and advanced techniques, and it will become your training/performance guidebook for many years to come…just as it already is for climbers in more than 50 countries! Learn more >>


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