Zlag Training App

The specifically developed smartphone application makes the Zlagboard a truly innovative product. It enables you to train according to the newest schedules, written by highly recognized international trainers. The handling of the app is very simple and intuitive. The software directs you through hang and pause times, exercises, intervals and rest days–it’s like a virtual personal trainer!app1new

Level Check

Have you ever wondered how much strength you have in your fingers and arms in comparison to other climbers? The Zlagboard Pro gives you the answer to this question. The level check is a standardized test, that shows you where you stand at the moment and what training plans suit you best.


The application tracks the training sessions and creates statistics of the results. Climbers get an overview of their progress and improvements.

Pro Plans

gimmekraftThe Pro Plans have been developed specifically for progressive workout, leading you through an intensive training over a period of one to three months. The program designers, like Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb (Gimme Kraft authors & coaches of Alex Megos), as well as other professional trainers. Many world class climbers trust in their know-how and experience.



Thanks to the standard set of holds, the hang-time results can be compared to those of friends and other climbers from all over the world who also own a Zlagboard. The competition feature of the App allows you to hold contests. (Note: Times should not be compared with other hangboards, since hold size and friction vary greatly.)


Zlagboard workouts are an ideal addition to your regular climbing schedule…and they are essential for  maintaining and building climbing-specific strength when you are unable to rock climb or train at the gym. The workouts are single training units that have been designed specifically for the Zlagboard Pro. They demand your full physical effort and are ideal for burning off energy from time to time.


Custom Workouts

The custom workout feature allows you to design your own training sessions. You create the training series, choosing the holds, hang and pause times as well as exercise repetitions and rest times. Up to 30 exercises can be saved, retrieved and edited.